HerHelper is convenient, immediate and private.

It’s handy travel case means you can access HerHelper anytime and anywhere!

Designed by a woman for women, HerHelper gives you the control to remove your oring or diaphragm when YOU want to-in the privacy of your home.

Now you have personal control to manage your own health needs and you don’t have to wait to make an appointment when the timing may be inconvenient or impossible.

The safe and sanitary travel case was designed specifically to free you from having to have a professional remove your device when traveling.

The plastic used for this tool is FDA approved.

Directions For Use

Before using any medical device always contact your doctor or medical provider.

Please be sure to wash Her-Helper© before and after use with mild soap and warm water, rinse and dry well. Be sure your hands are clean. Choose a position that is most comfortable for you: squatting, lying down or standing with one leg up. Gently insert Her Helper into your vagina allow the hook to grasp the edge of the O-Ring or Diaphragm and give a gentle tug to remove. Please use slow and gentle movements. Store HerHelper in the case and keep the case dry and clean.

Stop the Frustration and Embarrassment!

And stop paying for appointments you don’t need!