Introducing The O-Ring & Diaphragm Removal Tool!

Finally Free From Another Doctor Appointment!

Now you can do it yourself. No appointment needed.

Welcome to HerHelper®
The O-Ring & Diaphragm Removal Tool


HerHelper saves you from unnecessary doctor appointments, inconvenience and embarrassment.

“I was prescribed an estrogen o-ring for menopause by Kaiser Permanente, which has the name Estring,mfg. by Pfizer. I had extreme difficulty removing it and I used the Her helper tool to remove it and replace it successfully for over a year knowing that my problem of trying to remove it with my fingers was over. I have total confidence using this tool and not having to go to an OBGYN for help. I am so happy that there’s a tool that I can use whenever I need to. Thank you HerHelper.”


Meet Her Helper®

The O-Ring & Diaphragm Remover

Estrogen Rings and other [things] are a vital component of health and vitality for many women but they can be difficult to manage, creating frustration and embarrassment. Her Helper gives you peace of mind and makes taking care of your health easier.

“I absolutely love this product!! Ever since I learned about a diaphragm, I have been wanting to switch to it, because it is hormonal free and noninvasive. However, I have been concerned that I would have trouble removing it because of my short fingers and high cervix. The Her-Helper has been a complete game-changer. I am so grateful because this is the only product I’ve found like it. Thank you so much!”


Stop the Frustration and Embarrassment!

And stop paying for appointments you don’t need!

Her Helper®


  • Convenient travel case

  • Sanitary and Safe

  • Ergonomic

  • Durable

  • Flexible & Comfortable

  • Biocompatible

  • Discreet

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